Tshepi vundla

Tshepi Vundla gets backlash for comments made about SA women [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 13.09.2021

Tshepi Vundla got ‘owned’ for bashing women who ‘SBWL’ on social media.

Renowned public figure Tshepi Vundla has been ducking smoke for the comments she made on a recent episode of the On The Table podcast.

Tshepi Vundla shares thoughts on ‘SBWL’ culture

The 30-year-old GH Mumm brand ambassador was the final guest of the all-women talk show established by MacG. In a 90-minute conversation where the ladies reflected on growth, the complexities of bedding ‘endowed’ men and the nuances of consent in sexual relationships, Vundla’s comments on women who use ‘SBWL’ to take advantage of men drew ire from social media.

SBWL is an informal phrase that, in Xhosa, refers to a want. On social media, the term is used to open the floor for those with generous pockets to fund this want.

According to Vundla and the On The Table co-hosts, this trend is, for the most part, perpetuated by women who take advantage of men to meet their own financial needs.

Here is the snippet that’s gone viral:

Suffice it to say, Vundla’s comments were not received well by most women. Here are some of their reactions: