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Patricia de Lille mourns loss of her husband

Andile Sicetsha - 08.02.2021

Patricia de Lille’s husband, Edward, passed away on Sunday evening.

Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Patricia de Lille has confirmed, in a statement, the passing of her husband of 49 years, Edwin de Lille.

Edwin de Lille dies: What is the cause of death?

De Lille would not be reeled into providing details on what the cause of her husband’s death was. All we know, at this stage, is that Edwin lost his life after a battle with “a long illness.”

“The De Lille family announces with great sadness the passing of Mr Edwin De Lille, the husband of Minister Patricia de Lille. Mr Edwin De Lille died on Sunday evening, 7 February 2021 after a long illness,” the statement read.

Patricia de Lille mourns loss of ‘loving father and husband’

The passing of Edwin brings to an end, a 49-year marriage that spawned one child, Alistair de Lille. For the minister, her husband was the pillar of her strength and a core support base “throughout her political career.”

He gave her the freedom to serve the country and asked for very little in return, De Lille lamented.

“Our marriage was built on respect. Eddie was a true partner in the sense of the word and never stopped me from following my convictions. There was respect and support until his final days and I will miss him dearly,” she added.

Details on Edward’s funeral have not yet been released.