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DA wants Parliament to probe Malema’s ‘tea party’ convoy

Published by Andile Sicetsha

DA Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone confirmed, in a statement published on Sunday, that the official opposition wants EFF leader Julius Malema’s extravagant entrance to Nkandla probed by Parliament.

DA asks Parliament to investigate Julius Malema’s ‘tea party’ convoy

Mazzone revealed that a letter has been submitted to National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise, requesting a full-scale investigation into the cost of flying Malema and his officials, EFF spokesperson Vuyani Pambo, Advocate Dali Mpofu and others, into former president Jacob Zuma’s homestead.

“As members of Parliament, we have an absolute responsibility to ensure that at no time is the South African taxpayers’ money abused or wasted. We have a duty to ensure that this tea party in no way, cost the economy of South Africa a single cent, that could have been used to purchase vaccines for the people,” Mazzone wrote.

It’s no secret that MPs enjoy certain privileges that are not afforded to ordinary citizens. There is a growing suspicion, however, that the helicopter Malema and his cohorts flew in, and the VIP protection convoy that escorted him from the Nkandla helipad to Zuma’s quarters may have cost the taxpayer a bit more than a few pennies.

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“The Speaker of the National Assembly has the authority to request the acting secretary of Parliament to investigate all travel claims made by any member of Parliament and also has the authority to report any possible abuse of resources allocated to any current or former member of Parliament to the relevant authority once she is made aware of such abuse,” the DA Chief Whip added.

Three questions the DA want Parliament to answer

The letter to Modise wants three questions answered:

  • Were any official travel entitlements used to fund the visit?
  • Were any vehicles of VIP protection service used to transport any of the guests to and from Nkandla?
  • Were any benefits received in terms of travel or hospitality that require a declaration to be made in the register of Members Interests in Parliament?

The decision to take this probe any further rests with Modise. What does Malema think about this? Well, here was his reaction: