zulu man with some power

‘Zulu Man With Some Power’: Nasty C album release date, features

Andile Sicetsha - 07.08.2020

#NastyC has a song on #ZMWSP featuring Ari Lennox. Need more reasons to pre-save the album immediately?

Nasty C unveiled his super cool, interactive, artwork for Zulu Man With Some Power and a lot more easter eggs if you knew where to look.

Nasty C releases Zulu Man With Some Power artwork

The 23-year-old is effortlessly the hardest working rapper in South Africa, barring the obvious Top 3 honchos.

On Thursday, Nasty C fans were treated with an interactive art cover to the rapper’s third studio album. The trick was to complete the puzzle in order to unveil the artwork, a very smart engagement trick we will credit Universal Music South Africa for.

Album details: When is the release date?

Those of us who geek off intricate album rollouts ventured deeper into the rabbit hole and learned a lot more about Zulu Man With Some Power.

We can confirm the official release date of Nasty C’s forthcoming project is Friday, 28 August 2020.

Zulu Man With Some Power tracklist and features

Information detailed on his pre-save landing page suggests that the project will be a 20-track LP. There are 16 unheard songs, with the inclusion of Eazy, Palm Trees, There They Go and They Don’t to make up the full length of the album.

Nasty C has maintained his conservative approach to inviting guests on his projects. His usual inner circle consisting of Tellaman and Rowlene made the final cut, as well as his friend and mentor T.I.

The surprise feature in this is Ari Lennox on a song titled Black and White. We can expect a raucous reaction from a wide net of fans when this is made available for streaming.

We are excited to consume this body of work and a review will be published once the album is out. Nasty C was just as stoked when he made the announcement. This is what he had to say about getting to this point of the album rollout:

“I worked very hard on this and it took a long time, but we’re here now.”