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Yanga Chief drops off ‘Pop Star’ album

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Yanga Chief is the latest Vth Season artist to release a brand new album this year.

The Xhosa rapper’s sophomore project Pop Star came out on all digital streaming platforms on Friday with BBAF standing out as the lead single release.

What to expect from Yanga Chief on Pop Star

On this album, Yanga takes on a more mature approach to detailing the ins and outs of life as a South African Pop Star.

From having platonic ‘situationships’ with his female friends to getting bread and growing in business with his inner circle, Pop Star takes fans on a trip further inside the complex mind of Yanga.

Apple Music‘s editorial notes describe the album as a viewer’s guide into Yanga’s journey of self-discovery.

“Crafty rhymes and nifty hooks propel a journey of self-discovery.”

Listen to the full album here

The 15-track album is a decent listen in any given setting. You can check it out below: