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Zenande Mfenyana gets backlash for being rude to a fan

Swisher Post - 23.06.2020

#ZenandeMfenyana said what she said and people are not having it #ZenandeMustFall

Zenande Mfenyana is not South Africa’s favourite mom-to-be at the moment. But, a little look into her defensive attitude can explain why she may have bit off the head of a sympathetic fan.

Preggy Zenande Mfenyana is being cancelled: Here’s why

Lately, The Queen actress has been dealing with a lot of snide comments towards her physical appearance.

You would think women choose to look a certain way when they are nurturing a baby bump the way people hold outrageous opinions about what looks appropriate and what doesn’t.

Sure, celebrities deal with trolls on a daily basis but to target a woman about looks that are obviously impacted by her pregnancy is uncalled for, and the fan who caught the bitter end of Mfenyana’s retaliation understood this.

Unfortunately, though, this was not the time to try and comfort the actress. Mfenyana addressed the trolling in an Instagram Story she uploaded on Monday evening, which read:

“If my big preggy nose and dark neck and whatever else you find repulsive about my preggy body offends you so much, then why are you following me?”

A fan who caught wind of this and related to the situation contacted the actress via direct message to offer her support.

What she didn’t expect was for Mfenyana to outrightly reject her empathy. The actress wanted nothing of it and told the fan to basically butt out of her business and “please keep your opinion to yourself next time.”

You can read the entire exchange below and make up your own mind on whether Mfenyana was justified in her handling of the situation:

ZenandeMustFall: Social media reacts to ‘rude’ Zenande

The cold response from Mfenyana sent shockwaves on social media and since then, fans have called on her to be cancelled.

Here are some reactions to the backlash we picked up from social media: