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RIP Papers 707: Amapiano star dies aged 42, cause of death revealed

Avuya Walters - 15.07.2020

Thabza Da DJ made it clear that Papers’ death had nothing to do with Covid-19 #RIPPapers707

Papers 707 was part of the movement that brought the best out of South Africa’s newest genre, Amapiano.

Papers 707 passed away: What’s the cause of death?

As reported by Sowetan Live, the 42-year-old, real name Vusi Mabuza, lost his life after several weeks at the hospital.

According to his friend and collaborator Thabza Da DJ, Papers 707 was struggling with gout, a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream.

Chronic gout is very painful but according to, it can’t kill you. However, it poses massive health risks and this is the comorbidity Papers 707 may have went to hospital with.

Unfortunately, in a span of a week, the eccentric larger-than-life Amapiano originator passed on. Thabza Da DJ was quick to quell any suspicion that the star may have died from Covid-19.

This could be in response to a post by DJ Fresh that included images of the star with a banner that read: “Stop Covid-19 #StayHome”.

The star’s official cause of death has not been confirmed by the family.

Social media pays tribute to Amapiano originator

If anything, Papers 707 has been immortalised as one of the pioneers of Amapiano, an infant genre that has dominated South African entertainment.

Fans of the star came out in droves to pay tribute to him on social media after news of his death broke out. These are some of the reactions we managed to pick out:

At this time, details surrounding his burial have not been made public.