Watch: Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema’ takes over the world [video]

Avuya Walters - 26.07.2020

#Jerusalema is the fourth most-Shazamed song in the world with more than 50 million YouTube views.

Master KG’s admitted it himself. The last thing he imagined was to witness how Jerusalema has brought joy, happiness and unity to the whole world.

Master KG and Nomcebo are taking over the world

A song performed in vernacular by the talented Nomcebo is quickly becoming the soundtrack of these unprecedented times. Jerusalema is a religious call for us to make our way back to the holy land, a powerful metaphoric reference to the ills of our society.

Jerusalema was already a hit record when it was released in 2019. So, how in the world did it become a global sensation one year later?

Well, we can give all the credit to TikTok and its South African creators. A simple group dance tagged the Jerusalema dance took off and trended on the platform.

Before we knew it, large groups of fans were performing the dance in all corners of the world. More recently, a couple from Spain chose Jerusalema to dance to at their wedding reception.

The song is the fourth most-Shazamed in the music tracking app’s global charts.

On YouTube, it has garnered more than 50 million views and the trajectory shows that this is only going to get bigger.

Master KG took to Twitter to reflect on the point we kicked off this article with: He and Nomcebo had no foresight into the global impact Jerusalema would have when they were making the record in August 2019.

Watch: Jerusalema dance challenges from this week

There is no telling what the world has planned next for Master KG and Nomcebo. This dynamic duo is reaping the fruits of their collective labour and as South Africans, we are united behind the success of this sensational song.

Here are some dance videos we managed to pick up from people who have embraced the song, in different parts of this vast planet.