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Watch: Bonang Matheba’s hilarious take on TikTok [video]

Swisher Post - 28.07.2020

Ausi Bonang is just not ready for the effort it takes to post on TikTok.

Bonang Matheba has a take on the rising social media app TikTok and so many of us above the age of 30 can relate.

TikTok is South Africa’s go-to app for exposure

TikTok is quickly taking over South Africa as the go-to platform for the younger generation. Interestingly, music labels and independent artists have also spotted massive opportunities on TikTok.

A true example of the app’s influence can be seen in how Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode’s Jerusalema, released in late 2019, is the world’s biggest record right now.

People from all corners of the planet have embraced the song, from nurses in France to wedding couples in Spain and Brazil. It all started with a dance challenge on TikTok.

This is not to say that going viral on the app is easy and straightforward. Of course, a lot of factors must be considered but for the most part, it is a great platform for celebrities to extend their reach to a much younger and hip audience.

Bonang Matheba explains why she’ll never sign up

Bonang Matheba understands this. However, no amount of exposure or opportunity will draw her towards signing up on the platform. The media personality was on Instagram Live and a fan asked her to join TikTok.

The request made perfect sense. Matheba is genuinely funny and with her cult following in Africa, she would be a breakout hit on the platform.

However, Matheba has one problem: It’s just too much to do. The dancing, the sequencing, the acting. In her own words, by the time she got it right, the world would be over the pandemic.

You can check out the hilarious Bonang TikTok take below: