Richi Rich

Richi Rich drops visuals for ‘Self Made Cheese Boy’ [video]

Ntsika Novoyi - 15.03.2021

Richi Rich releases visuals to ‘Self Made Cheese Boy’

After the success of his hit single Self Made Cheese Boy, off his 2020 project titled Alxton, Richi Rich finally released the music video to go along with the track.

Richi Rich steals the show

The video takes place in the sunlit township of Alexandra, his hometown, with Rich and his feature, Kevi Kev, chilling in their neighborhood, showing off their flashy fashion sense and spitting their hot bars alongside their crew.

The track also features Marcus Harvey, however, he was not able to feature on the visuals for this bumpy track.

The video is a well-produced visual experience with the quality of the visuals being done in a more vintage style of filming as if it were filmed in the ’90s on a camcorder, however, it works well and suits the atmosphere of the track.

Being shot and directed by popular music video producers Francesco Mbele and Franasonic, it was no surprise to see this video done at such an impressive level, really elevating Richi Rich’s presence in the rap/kwaito game.

Alexandra’s next saving grace?

Coming out of the famous township of Alexandra, Johannesburg, Rich is out on a mission to take his name to the next level in the music world.

The young artist may seem fresh to the rap scene however his heavy grind to get to this point dates back to 2016, releasing multiple tapes on Soundcloud like his ARTRAP EP and his GHETTOFABULOUS Mixtape in 2016 following up with the release of his 2019 mixtape titled NORTHGOMORA.

After all his hard work put into furthering his career as a musician, Rich finally signed himself to the Cakewalk Music Group, aiding the release of his 2020 project Alxton displaying his singing and rapping ability.

Having his music impress many even, in places like France, Rich believes he is a vessel of communication and was blessed with a career to express his message through song and dance.

“Of course they’re going to bump my music overseas, but it means more when you can sing along to the lyrics and mean them.” said the Alexandra rapper.

Rich is also becoming well known for his trendy fashion sense, even having legendary rapper and fashion icon OkMalukoolkat as one of his Instagram followers.

The kid is destined for a bright future in the music and fashion world if he continues to grind at this level and we can’t wait to see what more he has in store.