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Prince Kaybee clears the air on claims he stole a producer’s song [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 28.07.2020

Prince Kaybee has cleared the air. The real culprits in the song theft accusations are Winnie Khumalo and Rethabile.

Prince Kaybe is often the subject of controversy on social media and more times than not, it’s unwanted attention he may have attracted. However, this time around, the producer caught a stray for the shoddy dealings of his associates.

Up-and-coming producer accuses Prince Kaybee of theft

There is an unreleased song that has been teased on social media by an up-and-coming producer, DJ Trumpet.

Except, the producer accused Prince Kaybee and vocalists Winnie Khumalo and Rethabile of jacking the song.

Following this, the accused trio faced a heap of backlash and it was further exacerbated when DJ Trumpet shared screenshots of the threats made by Khumalo when she was confronted with claims that she and Rethabile had, without prior consultation, taken the vocal of his song over to Kaybee’s unreleased record.

Kaybee clears the air, defends DJ Trumpet

Kaybee, a man with a lot to lose, was quick to react to this. The Gugulethu hitmaker unreservedly apologised to the underground producer and lay the blame squarely on Khumalo and Rethabile.

Rightly so, since it was the two ladies who failed to consult DJ Trumpet on their decision to use the same vocals on a song with the bigger producer.

Alas, following a fiery back-and-forth with disgruntled fans, Kaybee posted videos from Khumalo and Rethabile who urged people to not involved the producer in matters that don’t concern him.

The two ladies, hardly showing any empathy for DJ Trumpet, stood by their decision to take their vocal from DJ Trumpet’s song and move them over to Kaybee’s unreleased record.

Whether the record will, after all, be released with the same lyrics, remains to be seen. Kaybee, responding to a fan, did hint that he is open to recording fresh vocals on the record.

We can’t confirm, however, if this new version will still feature Khumalo and Rethabile.