Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly drops knowledge on ‘A Reminder To You’ and ‘Rainbow’ [video]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Priddy Ugly may have dropped the potential song of the year, releasing two powerful singles titled A Reminder To You and Rainbow also gifting us with the visuals for the songs.

A Reminder To You: The true discussion

On the track A Reminder To You, Priddy expresses his feelings and emotions about the situation of the youth in South Africa.

He speaks on how the youth are wasting their potential, not setting their minds in excelling at school and how the school system has been a failure.

He voices his opinion on gang violence and kids killing each other to survive, and the harsh realities poor families have to go through to put food on the table.

He even touches on social topics like gender-based violence, and the infamous farm murders that have been plaguing the nation.

He calls out the privileged youth who have the luxury of bragging about their riches on social media while the poor can’t even afford drinking water.

Priddy also fires shots at record labels taking advantage of their artists while calling out rappers who spend all their money on materialistic items like cars and jewels while labels rob them of their masters.

The track, produced by Wichi 1080 and Hercules Beatz is a wake-up call to the people of South Africa and is truly a powerful listening experience which one will walk away learning a lot about reality.

Priddy Ugly gives advice to his daughter on Rainbow

Rainbow is a heartwarming song that feels like Priddy having a deep discussion on personal moments in his life and how he wants all the best for his daughter.

The rapper immediately opens up on the miscarriages he had to go through, however, he goes on to show signs of hope, especially in his lyric “we find beauty where it’s painful“.

Priddy continues to advise his daughter, warning her to always keep her pace slow and to never chase money as he keeps reminding her that she’s a rainbow in his eyes.

He expresses how his daughter makes him want to become a better man yet he makes a clear threat that anybody who messes with his girl would end up regretting it.

He concludes the song by reminding his daughter that she is and will forever be his rainbow.

Priddy blessed us with the visuals to both tracks on one video being shot in his home street in Kempton Park.