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Oscar Mbo delivers ‘Defenders of House’: Review, tracklist, reactions

Andile Sicetsha - 02.07.2021

Oscar Mbo restored the feeling on Defenders of House. Here’s our review of the EP.

Oscar Mbo is stepping forward in defence of House in this brand new four-track EP that is sure to go down well as a starter at quarantine pyjama parties.

Here’s our take on Defenders of House

This is Mbo’s second release since his acclaimed debut For the Groovists came out in 2020. In comparison, Defenders of House is starved, with only four songs on offer. However, something tells us that this teaser may have been released to serve as a tantaliser and more may be on the way.

Alas, this four-song extended play is everything a true House junkie needs blasting out of his music box. The project kicks off with Free Me, a seven-minute audio escape that serves as the perfect addition to any office or business’ background music playlist.

Things take a moderate upswing on Muziki Ni Furaha and Asambeni featuring C-Blak. At this juncture, Mbo’s defence of the dance genre takes a more ambitious turn.

The drums, meshed with luscious pads and crystal-clear synth patterns, mark Mbo’s signature in House. His sound is as cool as his persona and Defenders of House is the latest insert to the producer’s high-calibre catalogue.

How to download Oscar Mbo album

Mbo’s new EP is available for download on every digital streaming platform. You can also stream the entire project below:

Early reactions to Oscar Mbo new EP

South Africa’s heightened lockdown restrictions may have thrown a damper onto Mbo’s release plans but the beauty of this EP is that is digestible in any atmosphere.

Many of the SAMA-nominated producer’s fans have not succumbed to the let down of not being able to enjoy this body of work in its appropriate habitat. However, this did not stop them from running the four tracks back-to-back.

Here are some of the reactions we picked out from social media: