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Is Lady Zamar dropping new music soon? – Here’s what we know

Andile Sicetsha - 13.08.2020

#LadyZamar has urged fans to be patient. New music is on the way. But, how close are we to receiving a new album from the singer?

Lady Zamar has urged her fans to be patient as pressure grows for the famed singer to release a follow-up to her critically acclaimed Monarch.

Lady Zamar speaks on new music: ‘Just be patient’

The singer took to Twitter to calm the noise from fans and teased new music that’s coming soon.

It’s been quite a challenging year for Zamar, on a personal level. The 33-year-old has dealt with the ills of social media after she publicly accused former lover Jabulani ‘Sjava’ Hadebe of physical and sexual abuse.

The matter between the two is still ongoing and last we heard, Sjava had taken up the services of an attorney to take Zamar to task about her claims.

One can imagine the difficulty of tapping into depleted creative juices under such strain. However, the adversity has not discouraged Zamar from putting her pain and joy on wax and delivering fresh music to her large fanbase.

Collab feature on Prince Kaybee record

While we wait for Zamar to gift us with new music, we understand she’s been tailing the circuit and blessing artists with bespoke guest appearances.

The most recent we recall is the snippet Prince Kaybee teased on his social media. The song doesn’t have a title and there’s no indication of when it will drop but the anticipation sure meets the talent on this one:

Lady Zamar album update: Here’s what we can confirm

Zamar has been candid about her creative process for her upcoming project. At this time, there is very little information out there to assist us in providing an accurate depiction of whereabout she is with regards to completing her fourth album offering.

However, according to the singer, she has not even started recording yet. At least, that’s what she indicated on Twitter.

We do know that, as of Monday, 3 August 2020, Zamar was still writing songs for the album.