kwesta g.o.d guluva

Kwesta gears up for ‘g.o.d guluva’: ‘It’s an inspiring album’

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Senzo ‘Kwesta‘ Vilakazi creates with a perfectionist’s eye and after four years since his last project, the Katlehong star is ready to let go of his fourth studio album g.o.d guluva.

Kwesta kicks off album roll out with FITG

The acronym, which stands for ghost of Dakar, is a statement to his core fanbase. The 33-year-old is taking a brief hiatus from the Dakar series to explore the different tones of groove that make up the fabric of ‘kasi’ life in South Africa.

Dakar II remains the highest-selling South African Hip-Hop album. That alone grants Kwesta the leeway to briefly move away from lending his voice towards the ‘who’s the King of Hip-Hop in South Africa’ debate.

This time around, the 33-yer-old is using his voice to shine a light on the trials, tribulations and triumphs of township culture. His first single from g.o.d guluva, Fire In The Ghetto (FITG) dropped on Friday 2 April, along with an album pre-order campaign.

The Troublle-featured song takes a deep dive into the scale of neglect his people have suffered at the hands of an inept government.

“The inspiration behind #FITG was frustration and also care, when you feel like the powers that be and the people who are in positions of leadership, have turned their backs on townships, especially now with the pandemic, it seems that the townships must take care of themselves without the perks of being under South African government,” he said.

Everything we know about g.o.d guluva

What fans can expect from his fourth studio offering? Well, everything, according to Kwesta. Four years of crafting the project have ushered the 33-year-old into a higher state of mind. He has the throne. His Dakar series is the genre’s benchmark and years have rolled by without any of his peers able to scratch the surface of what that project achieved.

Where he is needed now, is in restoring the groove in South Africa’s dilapidated morale.

“I think this is going to be like one of those albums that end up on a lot of peoples playlists, simply because of the approach to the music which is of pure enjoyment where you don’t have to side with Kwesta or feel like you are on the other side of anything. It’s an inspiring album so I’m trying to get to a place where when you bump the album you feel inspired, your day gets better and not from bad to worse… I just want enjoyment and inspiration” – Kwesta adds

g.o.d guluva will be available on every digital streamin platform on Friday 30 April 2021.