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AKA shades Boity for ‘unemployed roaches’ comment

Andile Sicetsha - 27.08.2020

AKA threw subtle shade at Boity this morning, in case you’re late to the party.

Leader of the Megacy Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes is the first male celebrity to clap back at Boity Thulo for the distasteful comments she made in her Twitter rant, on Wednesday.

AKA throws elegant shade at Boity

The Energy rapper‘s first tweet of the day was a motivational note to all unemployed men who were labelled roaches by the 30-year-old rapstress.

“Being unemployed does not make you a ‘roach’, especially in these difficult times,” AKA wrote.

Why is social media enraged by Boity’s rant?

Whether Boity’s rant was warranted is subjective. The Ba Kae star was triggered by the wave of backlash influencer and budding YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase faced for her lifestyle choices.

You see, Ndamase has, on multiple occasions, admitted that in her singlehood, she has networked (the looser term is ‘mingled’) with multiple men.

“You could do dinner with somebody this week, the following week you do dinner with somebody else. You do lunch the following week. This has nothing to do with sexual relations, it’s just being single and mingling,” Ndamase exclaimed in a video that went viral.

The lines between patriarchy and feminism were drawn in the sand soon after Ndamase’s video landed on Twitter.

The YouTuber faced an onslaught of derogatory attacks from conservative men and women who viewed her lifestyle choices as promiscuous.

Her response? Well, Ndamase laid her feelings about South African men bare, “we really got the very lowest quality when it comes to men,” she wrote.

The backlash she faced triggered women to defend Ndamase. The 30-year-old rapstress blacked out and called out every man who had invested time in judging the choices of an independent woman.

This is the string of tweets where the rapstress referred to people as ‘roaches’:

The rapstress unapologetically resurfaced on social media, on Thursday, clearly unperturbed by the ire she drew for her comments.

At the time of publishing this article, Boity had made no direct response to AKA’s shade.