Trusted SLK chats to us on working with Tweezy and her hit single ‘Uyathetha’

11 March 2021 - 10:43

Trusted SLK chats on working with Tweezy and her hit single ‘Uyathetha’

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

After releasing her hit single Uyathetha, Trusted SLK was able to give us an inside scoop to her experience as an upcoming artist in the game, working with genius producer Tweezy and how winning Sportscene’s Put You On talent search has influenced her as a musician.

The interview: A breakdown of our chat with Trusted SLK

After hearing the track and it’s catchy hook where the rapper repeats the phrase “Uthini Uyathetha? ankuva ankuva?” ( What did you say? Are you talking? I can’t hear you) we questioned Trusted SLK’s reason behind these heavy lyrics and what her thought process was into making this song.

“Well it was my first day in the studio with Tweezy, I was immensely nervous but I pushed through.” said the rapper.

The thought process was just letting the masses know that if anyone has anything negative to say about my come up, I cant hear jack!” she added.

Tweezy is an award winning hip hop hop producer whose worked with countless A-list musicians such as AKA, A-Reece, Emtee, Riky Rick and the list goes on. We questioned SLK’s experience of being in the same studio as one of the biggest producers in the nation.

It was amazing, I would have insomnia every night before because of fathoming who Tweezy was, however he took me in like a little sister and we clicked instantly, hence we making two other fire bangers so stay tuned!” said the rapper.

Trusted SLK is still considered a freshmen on the music scene however she’s clearly on the grind cooking up more tunes for us to listen to. With this knowledge that she had more music on the way, we questioned if she was in project mode.

“Lol one hundred percent, fully!” she quickly responded.

After her successful victory in beating thousands of competitors to claim number one on Sportscene’s Put Me On competition and even becoming a brand ambassador for major sports brand Puma, we asked her how her experience has been ever since.

“It’s great, I am blessed and I get the latest shoes, clothes, bags, alles and I hope to expand with them after the contract lapses.” she excitedly replied.

On our last question, we really wanted to dig deep into the artists background and find out more about her upbringing and what influenced her into pursuing a career in music.

“I was born in Umtata, Eastern Cape, but bred in Cape Town.” she replied.

“My upbringing was great, my two elder brothers influenced me to become a rapper because they played hip hop from the time I was born, hence TRUSTED SLK!” she concluded.

We can’t wait to hear what SLK has in store for us anticipating fans, with another single maybe releasing on the 19th of March.

Check out her track Uyathetha which is out now on all platforms!