Mr HeinzCPT

Mr HeinzCPT gets serious with visuals for ‘KROON’ [video]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Flats rapper, Mr HeinzCPT released the visuals for his latest single titled KROON featuring Capetonian rappers E-JayCPT and Ka$hCPT.

KROON: What we learnt from the visual

Heinz started his year off with the release of his first single DM’s, and now followed up with the release of KROON.

The song immediately starts with E’Jay’s explosive chorus talking about his pursuit of wealth, which is emphasized in his lyric “chasing that blue on the daily” and “chasing that kroon until my feet ache”.

Heinz goes off rapping about his hustle and grind in the rap game as well as on the streets, his loyalty to his day ones, and his constant survival in the notorious streets.

KashCPT also displays an enjoyable verse, riding the beat with a sweet melody instead of rapping.

The visual, being shot by Shoot Your Shot and produced by Shaney Jay, was done in the vibrant neighborhoods of the Cape Flats having the rappers surrounded by their adoring fans all having a good time.

Check out the music video, now available on YouTube.

Mr HeinzCPT and Y?GEN keep Cape Flats rap alive

Although not as big as his Y?GEN counterpart YoungstaCPT, Heinz is well respected in the Cape rap scene.

He’s been in the rap game for around 6 years having released his earliest works on Soundcloud like the tracks Sien Jy, Skywise, and Money Work.

He has yet to release an official body of work, but he’s continued to release music on modern streaming services like his track Talk Is Cheap and Run It Up.

We may have been seeing a rise of Xhosa Rap in Cape Town, however, the Cape Flats hip-hop genre has always been consistent in producing talented artists with acts like illRow and Ka$hCPT all ready to follow in YoungstaCPT’s footsteps.