Ipeleng expresses her love on ‘near you’ [audio]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town singer and songwriter, Ipeleng, released her soothing ballad titled near you gifting listeners a brilliant love song.

near you: How Ipeleng created a beautiful love song

The young singer uses this song as a way to confess her love and passion towards the special someone in her life.

She emphasizes this by describing everything she wouldn’t want to do without her lover.

This is immediately evident in the opening lines “I don’t want to hear anything if it’s not the sound of you saying that you love me” and “I don’t want to feel anything if it’s not your skin”.

She continues to confess how she could be in the darkest place however her lover could change that since that person brings her purpose.

The chorus is simply beautiful with Ipeleng showcasing her incredible singing abilities creating a soothing yet catchy hook to the song.

However, in the last phase of the song, she urges her lover to try harder to prevent the end of everything they had worked for in their relationship.

The beat uses a slow yet simple tempo with peaceful piano keys playing in the background while Ipeleng’s voice floats above the instrumentals.

Ipeleng did a great job on this track and R&B lovers will surely have this gem stuck on repeat.

What next for the R&B sensation?

Cape Town isn’t filled with noticeable R&B singers, however, Ipeleng has been seeing an impressive rise as the next artist to blow up from Cape Town.

This was made clear after the release of her 2020 project titled Unsolicited with her hit song off the album, titled Committed, featuring on the popular Aux Spotify playlist.

Ever since then, the singer had vanished for quite some time, however, this may mean the singer has been working on new music and even a project.

However, for now, R&B lovers at least have near you to enjoy.