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Lungile Nxelelwa: Heartless rape-murderer gets life in jail

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Lungile Nxelelwa will spend the rest of his living days behind a maximum security prison, the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court ruled on Tuesday.

Lungile Nxelelwa sentenced to life imprisonment

This brings to an end a horrific story that left two families torn. In its ruling, the court shuddered at the extent of violence Nxelelwa inflicted on Keneilwe Pule, a woman he had been romantically involved with for three years.

“The court finds that the accused demonstrated no remorse whatsoever… in argument and as a result of [the] pathologist’s testimony, which highlighted grievousness of injuries to genitalia and anus, counsel for the defense was forced to concede that same constituted the institution of grievous bodily harm,” the judge said.

On the counts of murder and rape, Nxelelwa received life imprisonment. For the third charge, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, the judge added an additional five years.

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“[The] accused must know that a woman/girlfriend with whom you have co-habitated for three years is not a possession, nor somebody over whom you have power of life and death…” the court ruled.

A reminder of his heinous crime

Nxelelwa was placed under arrest and charged with murder, rape and assault in 2019. If it was not for the swift response of Sebokeng police, Nxelelwa would have died at the hands of a community that is still reeling from his heinous actions.

From evidence heard in court, Nxelelwa assaulted Pule, raped her repeatedly, even forcibly penetrating her anally. He then proceeded to murder his girlfriend, cut her up in pieces using a grinder and in a final act of pure evil, burned the woman’s remains.

The Pule family had not released a statement reacting to the sentencing at the time this article was released.