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Watch: Trucker survives violent hijacking attempt

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

This trucker is trending on social media after he daringly escaped a very dangerous hijacking attempt.

Whether he knows it or not, in the eyes of many who have seen this viral clip, he is a true survivor.

Trucker survives dangerous hijacking attempt

In the clip, which you can watch below, the trucker was seen on dashcam footage enjoying his ride out in the outskirts.

The radio was booming with the sounds of his music taste and the trucker looked at ease, enjoying a day’s ride on an empty stretch of road.

Suddenly, the joy in his face was quickly replaced with worry as he saw danger up ahead. Out of the blue, two objects crashed into the truck’s windscreen and in a bid to save himself, the trucker ducked below as the heavy-duty freight vehicle charged ahead.

Fortunately, a bit of luck mixed in with years of experience led the trucker to safety and the video ends shortly afterwards.

Second dashcam footage show two suspects

In another video that was posted on Twitter, the truck’s dashcam captured two men appear in the middle of the road right at the time objects were thrown at the windscreen.

It is not known if the objects were rocks or bullets. We are not certain where this incident happened and attempts to contact the trucker have been unsuccessful.