Who is Themba? – Viral video of woman being assaulted divides SA [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

A video clip showing a terrified woman quoting the words of her abuser — a man identified as Themba — before he allegedly assaults her has done the rounds and divided opinion on social media.

Video of woman being assaulted goes viral

The details around the origins of the video were still sketchy at the time this article was published. It’s not known who the woman is nor is it known if she has been rescued from the torture we witnessed in that clip.

In it, a visibly frightened woman is coached into warning an unknown individual to stop contacting her on WhatsApp.

From what we could make out, it appears that the jealous boyfriend, identified on Twitter only as ‘Themba’ (we couldn’t confirm if this is his real name), was angered by a colleague or classmate that may have gone too far in his interactions with the woman.

Who is this Themba?

Instead of addressing the matter with the said individual, Themba allegedly shamed his partner into filming a video of her articulating his words with bruises and cuts on her face.

The frightened look in her eyes is hard to unsee and right after she had repeated his every word, the woman was hit hard in the face multiple times. The video ends in the scuffle and at this time, the current condition of the woman is unknown.

NOTICE: The video below contains graphic and violent imagery. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.

The clip sent shockwaves across social media and divided opinion on whether — believe it or not — the woman deserved it or not.

This is still a developing story and we will have more updates as they trickle in.