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Who is Semali Moeti? – Here’s what we know about Mzansi’s rakgadi [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

It has been a day since famous rakgadi Semali Moeti, the sister of the late tombstone innovator Lebogang Khitsane, broke the internet with her outrageous outburst at his memorial service.

Prior to the on-stage blunder that was broadcast nationwide on eNCA, the word ‘rakgadi’ was not so commonly used.

Rakgadi refers to the father’s sister or the paternal aunt. Moeti walked on stage, at Khitsane’s memorial service, to deliver her speech as the rakgadi of the family.

But, nobody anticipated that she would use the opportunity to dish out the dirt on Khitsane’s wife. You can watch the viral clip below:

Who is Semali Moeti?

Moeti’s shocking outburst divided social media. Some hailed her as an unspoken hero, while others were gobsmacked by her ill-timed and repulsive actions.

Before the viral clip, Moeti was an ordinary middle-aged woman with no footprint on social media. According to her official Linkedin profile, Moeti is employed as a Training & Systems Manager at Roche Holdings, a Swiss multinational healthcare company.

Contrary to what her actions may convey, Moeti is a well-learned woman. She currently holds a BSc Honours in Microbiology and multiple other certificates from the University of Witwatersrand.

Enterprising is also a family thing, it seems. While her late brother was the brainchild behind the success of Bataung Memorial Tombstones, Moeti is the managing director of Semali Consulting, a business development and project management firm.

Social media drums up ‘rakgadi challenge’

Reports have since surfaced that Moeti and her family were restricted from attending Khitsane’s funeral. We were unable to verify this claim but here’s the video that alleged this:

Also, social media has taken to the outburst that shot Moeti to fame. The ‘rakgadi challenge’ is the latest trend, where people reenact the moment that shook the country.

We sourced a couple of parody videos that are entertaining, to say the least, and you can watch below: