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Twitter weighs in on Laycon verzuz Nasty C

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Let’s bet any amount of money that neither Laycon nor Nasty C was aware that on Thursday, they were the biggest trending topics of the day.

Is Laycon miles ahead of Nasty C?

It all stemmed from a tweet (doesn’t it always?) posted by a stan of the Nigerian rapper. The user, unprovoked, claimed that Laycon “is miles ahead of Nasty C.”

The tweep didn’t fatten that statement with any context but it was clear that this was a comparison in skill. Or, at least, that’s how social media took it.

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Who’s better? – Here’s a 5v5 hottest singles verzuz

Thus far, these two rap phenoms have not crossed paths. But, looking at Laycon’s growth trajectory, we can assume that it won’t be too long.

We gathered five of each rapper’s hottest singles for a look at who packs the bigger punch in skill, delivery and appeal.

Nobody verzuz SMA

Hiphop verzuz Strings And Bling

Fierce verzuz Jungle

Senseless verzuz Gravy

Who Is Lycon verzuz Mrs Me

Neither rapper has issued a response to the online bickering.