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Joselyn Cano: IG model reportedly dies during plastic surgery

Avuya Walters - 16.12.2020

It’s believed Joselyn Cano’s death was the result of complications in a BBL surgery.

Joselyn Cano, an Instagram (IG) model known throughout South America as the ‘Kim Kardashian of Mexico’ has reportedly passed away.

IG model reportedly dies during plastic surgery

Early reports of this tragic news were shared by fellow IG star Lira Galore, who revealed in a tweet that Cano died during plastic surgery in Colombia.

No further developments have come from people close to Cano at this time and no official confirmation of her passing was reported by leading publications in South America.

Who is Joselyn Cano?

News of the Cano’s reported passing quickly spread on social media, with many of her friends and fans paying tribute to the model.

From the bit of information we could gather on her, this is what we know about the model:

  • She resides in Newport Beach, California;
  • Cano credits herself as an influencer, model and designer;
  • according to her Linkedin profile, she has been ‘self-employed’ since 2013; and
  • she allegedly graduated in Microbiology at San Diego State University.

While it’s widely believed that Cano has passed away, her OnlyFans account shows that her most recent activity was recorded on Tuesday.

This is a developing story and more updates will be provided as new information surfaces.