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WhatsApp is down: Here’s why you are not able to send images, videos

Published by Avuya Walters

WhatsApp, a social messaging app owned by Facebook, is down. Based on reports coming from other parts of the world, this seems to be a global issue.

WhatsApp down: Why users can’t send images, videos

The messaging app has become an important part of people’s lives. Not only for the simple fact that the app is essential for staying in touch with loved ones, but WhatsApp has a Business feature that companies use to communicate and/or offer services to customers too.

The app being down affects millions of people in various ways. According to a report by Beetel Bite, users are not able to:

  • send messages;
  • send images and videos;
  • send voice notes; and
  • make voice and video calls

The issue was detected on Sunday afternoon. There are instances where some messages get through. This, according to experts, suggests that a WhatsApp server may have tripped.

Facebook has yet to issue a directive on the server outage but the pockets of space where messages do get through indicates that, at the very least, technicians are working on the problem.

Fans take their gripe to Twitter

As usual, disgruntled WhatsApp users have turned to Twitter — a rival of Facebook — to stay in touch with the world.

People rushed to the social network platform to vent their frustrations with an inconsistent WhatsApp, claiming that Twitter is the most reliable of the two.

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to the WhatsApp outage.

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