Eskom stage 6 load shedding: Local celebs react to power outage news
Avuya Walters

Eskom has done us in yet again. On Monday, the power utility announced that it was left with little choice but to implement stage 6 load shedding.

What is stage 6 load shedding?

Initially, Eskom had warned that the power grid was at a vulnerable stage, and that it was rolling out load shedding at stage 4.

However, a while later, the power utility retracted its statement, conceding that things were a lot worse.

Stage 6 is two steps away from total anarchy. In this case, the power utility uses rotational blackouts to shed as much as 6 000MW of electricity from the grid to avoid a total power collapse.

Why is Eskom implementing power outages?

Much of Eskom’s problems, concerning load shedding, are self-inflicted. The state-owned entity revealed that the wet weather that has fallen over the country’s interior has damaged most of its coal reserves.

Wet coal is useless and that means most of our power stations are not able to generate enough power to keep the grid distributing electricity at a healthy rate.

Celebs reaction to the news is hilarious

This is the last thing South Africans expected. Especially on the same day we were united in celebrating the momentous feat achieved by our very own Miss Universe.

Celebrities took to social media to vent their frustrations and as much as we feel their pain, we could not help but find some of their reactions hilarious.