silhouette challenge

‘Silhouette challenge’ drives social media frenzy

Published by Andile Sicetsha

The silhouette challenge is the latest social media trend to spurt from the viral world of TikTok and it has women taking things to a whole new level.

Tutorial: How to do the silhouette challenge?

Women all over the world have exhausted the raunchy ‘buss it challenge‘ that ended with Jordyn Woods’ late entry. Suffice it to say, after Woods squatted to shake her tail feather, it was over with.

So, naturally, the ladies went elsewhere to have fun. The silhouette challenge, if done correctly, can be the PG version of the ‘buss it challenge’, since the aim is to show off the profile your curvy frame.

To take part in the challenge, you would need to sign up for a TikTok account and follow the instructions listed in this tutorial video:

Some of our favourite entries so far

Women from all walks of life have embraced this challenge. We took a peek at some of the entries and while it was incredibly hard to focus, we picked out our favourite entries:

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