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Influencer challenge: Five of the funniest family reactions [video]

Posted by Afika Peters

If you are going through it right now, this new trend called the ‘influencer challenge’ will surely leave you in tears and kickstart your week in a joyous mood.

What is the influencer challenge?

The origins of trending hashtags are often not known. In all honesty, that is neither here nor there. If it is not a serious topic related to the ills of our society, who cares, right?

The influencer challenge is a spoof on the new wave of fame brought on by social media. Regular folks with a growing following are no longer deemed as part of our stratosphere, so to speak.

Influencers talk differently; their appearance on social media is airbrushed and blemish-free; and often, their timelines are riddled with promotional content.

Thus, the newly trending influencer challenge is a parody taken on by regular people to get reactions from their family members.

The whole point of the challenge is to record the reactions of friends or family members as you pretend to detail falsities about your healthy lifestyle.

Watch: Five of the funniest family reactions

This challenge was so funny, we could not help but compile a list of five of our most favourite videos. Check them out below: