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Watch: Woman seen on edge of Hilton Hotel rooftop [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Worrying scenes were observed atop the Hilton Hotel in Durban, on Friday morning.

Watch: Woman seen standing on the edge of Hilton Hotel roof

Video footage showing a figure stuck at the rooftop of the multi-storey hotel that’s situated next to the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC), has shocked many on social media.

Was the woman attempting to take her own life?

As reported by IRSA, crowds had gathered outside the hotel to witness the dramatic scenes that were unfolding atop the Hilton. The woman could be seen seated at the edge of the building, visibly distressed with her hands covering her face.

An eyewitness who spoke anonymously to the cited publication alleged that the woman made gestures to an individual that was present in the crowds.

While the source has claimed that the woman was attempting to take her own life, this could not be confirmed as the Hilton Hotel staff has been told to not make any statements to the media.

From what we know, Durban’s Metro Police quickly pounced onto the scene and the woman was distracted when officials grabbed and subdued the woman.

She has since been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

At this time, it remains unclear if the woman was a guest at the hotel. If not, questions remain on how she may have gotten access to the accommodation venue’s rooftop.