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Watch: MKMVA sets up barrier at Nkandla [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 29.06.2021

MKMVA operatives have made it clear that no man will escort Jacob Zuma out of Nkandla without retaliation.

Former president Jacob Zuma’s impending arrest may be scuppered by MKMVA operatives who have set up a barrier at the entrance of the Nkandla homestead.

MKMVA sets up barrier at Nkandla homestead

On Tuesday morning, as the Constitutional Court handed down its ruling in Zuma’s contempt case, a group of the ANC’s armed forces was seen blocking the entry to Nkandla.

This, more than anything, was a clear directive to Police Minister Bheki Cele, whose responsibility is to ensure that the former president complies with the apex court’s decision.

All eyes will turn to Nkandla after Justice Sisi Khampepe delivered a scathing ruling against the former president, effectively sending the 79-year-old to prison for one year and three months.

Zuma has five days to hand himself over to the Nkandla police station, where he will be processed as a prisoner and sent to a correctional services facility to honour his 15-month term.

Failure to adhere to these instructions will force Cele to step forward and lead a team of police officers to cuff Zuma at his gated estate.

Thus far, no official statement has been released by the ANC’s armed forces. We will continue to monitor all activity outside Nkandla and provide updates as they trickle in.

Social media reactions to Zuma prison term

The shocking turn-out at the Constitutional Court has left many South Africans gob-smacked. Even those who expected this result were taken aback by the apex court’s brazen decision, to send a man as powerful as Zuma is, to prison for being in contempt.

Justice Khampepe made it clear that while this ruling was unprecedented and extraordinary, it was necessary to send a very strong message to society: No one is above reproach in the eyes of Lady Justice.

Social media has been abuzz with reactions since the ruling was delivered. Here are some reactions we have picked out.