Watch: Enraged man kicked out of FlySafair flight [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

A video that’s doing the rounds on social media has shed more light on why FlySafair Flight FA201 was delayed, on Tuesday.

Watch: Man kicked out of FlySafair flight

In the video clip that’s since gone viral, a man dressed in a black puffer jacket was being escorted out of the aircraft as he sarcastically applauded the efforts of the crew members.

Exasperated, he turned around to confront the heckles of the passengers who may have already been annoyed with the delay he had caused.

From what we understand, the man was kicked out of the FlySafair flight for refusing to wear a face mask. It is unclear how, in the first place, he made it past check-in at the Cape Town International Airport without one.

Alas, after a brief scuffle that must have left him embarrassed, the man was escorted out of the flight.

Here is the video clip that’s gone viral:

Face masks are an absolute must on flights

The condition of the man in the video was never assessed. However, enough awareness campaigns on COVID-19 health protocols have done the rounds for him to claim that he was not aware that face masks and hand sanitising were two mandatory practices he had to adhere to in public.

For domestic flights, specifically, there is no way around this. FlySafair makes this particularly clear in their protocol manifesto. In it, the carrier states a number of measures that go into keeping a COVID-free environment for passengers.

Hands are sanitised regularly, flights are deep-cleaned every evening and a sophisticated air recycling system is used to dispense clean air every few minutes. On the face mask rule, FlySafair states:

“We require that all staff and all passengers wear masks for the duration of their journey with us.”

Of course, failure to adhere to this will result in a booting that may end up as an embarrassing viral moment on social media.