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KFC grab-n-dasher makes off with customer’s meal [video]

Avuya Walters - 20.10.2020

There’s no way this man just snatched and ran off with the customer’s KFC Wise 2 meal.

If you’re South African, you can rightly say that you’ve seen it all. The latest entry into our directory of bizarre happenings is a viral video that shows a man who was caught on camera as he snatched and ran off with a customer’s KFC meal.

It’s not exactly clear at which KFC branch this incident took place. We can’t even verify if this is one of those social media pranks.

KFC customer left gobsmacked by grab-n-dasher

But, the sight of someone jumping out of the shadows of a KFC drive-thru to grab and dash with a customer’s order left us gobsmacked.

The customer was about to collect her Wise 2 meal with four zinger wings when suddenly, an unidentified male came dashing along the driver’s side of the vehicle, making off with the order.

Was the customer’s order replaced?

This video is both hilarious and shocking at the same time. On a serious note, it speaks volumes of the rate at which criminals find an opportunity to commit crime in South Africa.

The video ends right after the KFC waitress turns to head back into the kitchen, presumably to replace the stolen order.

You can watch the short clip below: