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Watch: Gauteng drifter crashes car into crowd [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 31.05.2021

This car drifter may have been forced into early retirement after this epic fail.

A car drifter from Gauteng has gone viral after footage of his epic fail went viral on social media.

Watch: Gauteng drifter loses control of car, crashes into crowd

Car drifting is deeply embedded into South Africa’s street culture. This is particularly prevalent in the dusty streets of Gauteng where petrolheads get a thrill from dragging car tyres on the asphalt, much to the pleasure of onlookers who would never dare to try such a dangerous stunt.

For this lad who remains unidentified at this time, perfecting the ‘doughnut’ may take a few more attempts, possibly without an audience or infrastructure nearby.

In the clip which you can view below, the drifter gets the crowd pumped with his skills. For the most part, he pulls off the doughnut and if he hadn’t taken things to the extreme, he may have gotten ahead in the contest.

Things went south when the driver attempted to get out of the car in the midst of a tumbling spin. Inertia dragged him away from the car door and in a split second, the car whizzed into a section of the crowd.

Our attempts to track down and get more information from those involved in the incident were unsuccessful at the time this article was published.

Therefore, it remains unclear — for now — if any persons were injured in the crash. This, we assume, may be the driver’s ticket to early retirement.

You can watch the full clip below: