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Watch: Dinwiddle High School brawl caught on camera [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 15.04.2021

Dinwiddle High is the latest school to come under fire after a video showing its pupils in a fisty brawl went viral.

Dinwiddle High School in Germiston, Gauteng, is the latest institution to come under fire for failing to deal with erratic behaviours exhibited by its pupils.

Watch: Dinwiddle High School brawl caught on camera

In a week where a pupil from Limpopo took her own life after being humiliated in a video clip that went viral on social media, new footage showing a violent brawl between pupils from Dinwiddle has surfaced.

In the clip, two females clad in uniform were seen going at it in the school’s bathroom. One of the girls, who was clearly twice the size of her adversary, was seen using her weight to pin the slim girl to the ground as she choked her.

The tussle went on for about 10 seconds, with the slim girl tossed around with her braids and taking punches and slaps from her weighty school mate.

Onlookers who were at the scene of the fight did nothing to prevent the scuffle. Instead, their phones were whipped out, documenting the humiliation suffered by their peer instead of alerting teachers.

The footage cuts off as one pupil is seen attempting to intervene, 15 seconds later.

No word has been heard from the school on what actions it has taken since the viral video surfaced on the internet.

Rising cases of violence in schools a worrying sight

Fortunately, neither of the girls in the video reported serious injuries. The growing popularity of humiliation videos of this nature speaks volumes about the sheer scale of violence in schools.

Lufuno Mavhunga was a victim of this type of humiliation. However, in her case, she could not will herself to face her school mates after she was repeatedly punched and slapped by a fellow Grade 10 pupil from her Mbilwi Secondary School. So, she took her own life.

The pupil who was seen slapping Mavhunga was, on Wednesday, placed under arrest and charged with assault. She has yet to appear before a Limpopo court to face the consequences of her actions.