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Watch: Atteridgeville police scoff woman trying to open GBV case [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 02.06.2021

Lethabo Mabena was told off by Atteridgeville police officers when she tried to open an assault case against a bouncer.

Atteridgeville police station, in Gauteng, has come under fire after a woman recorded the treatment she received from officers when she tried to file an assault case.

Watch: Gauteng police brush off assault complainant

Lethabo Mabena’s encounter with three Atteridgeville officers left a bitter taste in the mouths of many who’ve seen the video clip that’s since gone viral.

Speaking to eNCA, Mabena revealed how her attempt to open an assault charge against a nightclub bodyguard was scoffed off by police because, in their view, she was drunk.

The assault complainant went into detail about the events that transpired before the start of the footage you will see below. According to Mabena, she had rushed to the police station to report the unidentified bodyguard with her friend but was met with resistance from three officers who were slouched in their seats with nothing better to do.

Mabena claims she was told to return tomorrow since she was drunk. Of course, this was wildly speculative. Moreover, she was informed that only one police van was available at that time and it was only open for priority distress calls.

Her’s the viral footage where three officers, including two females, are seen nonchalantly dismissing a woman who wanted to open a criminal case related to gender-based violence (GBV).

Internal investigation launched against officers

Following the public relations mess, Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele appeared on a televised interview with eNCA, where he indicated that the matter has been escalated and Mabena’s case will be handled with a great deal of urgency.

Makhubele also confirmed that an internal investigation has been launched against the three officers seen in the footage. Here’s the full interview with the police spokesperson: