Watch: Alcohol frenzy rages across SA liquor outlets [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Tuesday marked the return of alcohol sales in South Africa and as expected, it was a spectacle.

SA cautiously lifts alcohol ban amid decline in Covid-19 cases

President Cyril Ramaphosa kicked off the new month with welcomed relief in Alert Level 3 restrictions. A drastic drop in hospital admissions since the strict lockdown was implemented in January encouraged the president’s decision.

Under the adjusted regulations, people can finally take strolls at the beach, enjoy playtime at public parks and recreational areas, and end the day off with their preferred alcoholic drink.

These freedoms, however, do come with limitations. For one, the curfew sets in at 23:00 until 04:00 the next day. In this window, no persons are allowed outside of their homes.

Also, alcohol for off-site consumption can only be purchased at outlets between Monday and Thursday. For on-site consumption, drinks can be enjoyed in accordance with the establishment’s operating hours.

Watch: Liquor store frenzy breaks out in SA

The sudden availability of alcohol has caused a frenzy, understandably so. After a month of collective cold turkey, large crowds were quick to queue outside liquor outlets, ready to get their hands on their favourite beer or spirit.

Frustrations may have been felt by customers who had to wait for long periods before they could make their purchase, since all stores follow strict Covid-19 health protocols like social distancing and limited entries.

Things got so out of hand in one store that a fight broke out between a customer and a Spar Tops employee. Without context, it is hard to determine what may have prompted the brawl but one thing is for sure, it had something to do with alcohol.

Here’s a clip of the fight that has since gone viral.

Surely, this isn’t the attitude we want to display to our president who, at any time, may pull the plug on all the fun we’ve earned.

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