‘Stay away from my business’ – Woman assaulted by Themba begs

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Thousands of South Africans who have been in search of a man named Themba have been winded by the recent statement released by the woman he allegedly abused.

Themba was found but Senzi wants peeps out of her business

Social media users, across the board, were left in utter dismay when a video clip surfaced, showing a woman being beaten by a man.

A manhunt was soon launched and the woman was tracked down on Facebook. A number of concerned people made contact with the woman named Senzi Seh Prim Prim in an attempt to save her from her alleged abuser.

However, it seems all the efforts were futile since Senzi was more perturbed by the helping hand.

Abused woman presses charges against video leaker

She quickly shot back with a raging statement, basically telling everyone to mind their own business and leave relationship issues to the couple that’s concerned.

The video Senzi posted was taken at a police station, where she had gone to file charges against the original poster of the clip, as well as Opera News.

Senzi made it clear that the video clip was recorded about a year ago and that whatever she and Themba may have been going through was dealt with back then.

“In 24 hours I should have [the] case number. So, next time you think twice on becoming famous through others — if you Charmaine are behind this, you should relocate. You are the case of an ex, get that through your thick skull. Themba and I can find you. You and your bank mate friend,” the woman wrote.

Police have yet to release a statement on the abuse clip that’s gone viral.