Arsenal fans

The war between fans and owners: What’s going on in the Premier League?

3 May 2021 - 16:06

Premier League owners continue their battle with the fans after protests keep raging throughout the English sport.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

A battle has been brewing in the English Premier League, seeing fans of the ‘Big Six’ clubs protesting against the owners of their beloved clubs.

What has happened during the protests?

After the announcement of the European Super League that saw clubs Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs, Manchester City, and Manchester United take part, fans seemed to have had enough.

Protests had begun to occur outside Chelsea’s stadium, even having club legend Petr Cech intervene.

Although all the ‘Big Six’ sides decided to withdraw their participation in the competition, the fans still felt they had been betrayed after not being consulted at all.

Arsenal fans followed, having protests outside of the Emirates stadium, begging for their owner, Stan Kroenke, to sell the club and leave.

Most recently, Manchester United had their own protests calling out the Glazers, and somehow they managed to get through the gates and enter the Old Trafford stadium, continuing their protests.

This eventually led to the postponing of the big clash between Manchester United and Liverpool, leaving a huge mark in the world of football.

Premier League: Why are fans battling the owners?

Although the European Super League played a big role in upsetting fans, it all comes down to years of fans believing they have been mistreated.

In Manchester United fans’ case, they strongly believe their American owners, known as the Glazers, don’t care about the club and they have allegedly claimed that for years their owners had been looting the club instead of investing in it.

Arsenal fans feel the same way with the Kroenke’s not even attending their games and spending little to no money in the past seasons.

Chelsea fans have also grown furious with Roman Abramovich’s past decisions, especially after the sacking of fan-favourite, Frank Lampard as the Blues manager.

Liverpool, Tottenham, and Manchester City fans have yet to have their own proper protests but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them also take part in one of their own.

It’ pretty clear fans are hurting and they feel the only way they’ll be heard by the owners is by hurting them where it affects them the most, their pockets.