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Who is Sovo? – ‘Gorgeous’ Mbali boyfriend blasted in cheating scandal

4 May 2021 - 09:52

Business magnate Sovo is at the centre of a cheating scandal after multiple women came forth with ‘receipts’ that he is allegedly disloyal to Gorgeous Mbali.

Written by Avuya Walters

Social media is having a field day with the heartbreak suffered by renowned influencer and businesswoman Mbali ‘Gorgeous’ Sebafu.

This comes after a number of women came forward with receipts on claims her boyfriend ‘Sovo’ is an alleged serial cheater.

Who is ‘Sovo’?

Not much information is available on this mystic entrepreneur. For the most part, his activity on social media contains a lot of self-promotion.

However, it’s widely believed Sovo has a foot in the high-end accommodation and hospitality industry. He gained notoriety on social media when he was romantically linked to Mbali, a cosmetics and jewellery magnate with a cult following.

Social media blast Gorgeous Mbali for her man’s alleged cheating spree

Things took a turn for the worst in the couple’s public persona when a number of users came forward with screenshots of Instagram DMs, showing an account allegedly belonging to Sovo in various steamy conversations with multiple women.

One woman claimed that the businessman had allegedly met up with her for ‘playtime’ at a Sandton hotel.

Another woman came forth with receipts to claims that Sovo apparently has a foot fetish.

Here are more accounts from women who claim to have had relations with Mbali’s romantic partner.