shudufhadzo musida

Here’s why Shudufhadzo Musida wasn’t cast for Miss Universe

Published by Avuya Walters

Murmurs of confusion and bewilderment were heard on social media after the Miss South Africa (Miss SA) organisation announced that Shudufhadzo Musida, this year’s pageant queen, was not cast for Miss Universe.

Instead, it was revealed that Musida would compete in Miss World and second princess Natasha Joubert would be fielded for the coveted Miss Universe pageant.

Musida’s runner-up and first princess Thato Mosehle will represent South Africa at the Miss Supernatural pageant.

Why was Shudufhadzo Musida not fielded for Miss Universe?

Traditionally, the crowned Miss SA is sent to the global pageant contest Zozibini Tunzi won in 2019. But, for some reason, Musida was not considered for this competition.

In the end, the decision on which pageant content each of the three queens will partake in rests with the Miss SA organisation. While there are no explicit rules and prerequisites for the Miss Universe contest, it’s the prerogative of the participating country to select the best candidate.

For reasons that weren’t furnished by the time this article was published, Musida will not represent South Africa at Miss Universe. Instead, she will put her best foot forward and strut the runways of Miss World, a contest that holds equal prestige but gets the least amount of favour in views, compared to its big sister contest.

Some believe that the Miss SA organisation was acting in Musida’s best interests by not fielding her for Miss Universe. The court of public opinions has ruled that Joubert, an exotic model with a fiery aesthetic, has a better chance at keeping the crown home for the second year running.

Our attempts to reach the Miss SA organisation for comment were unsuccessful