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Is Shudufadzo being ‘Pearl Thusi’d’ by a Twitter hate train?

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Shudufadzo Musida seems to have gathered steam as a target for Twitter trolls who reside in her comments, spewing the most disturbing vitriol you’ll find on a timeline.

Twitter trolls gun for Shudufadzo

The recently crowned Miss South Africa (Miss SA) may have had to mute her Twitter notifications over the large scale of slander she received for simply manifesting her desire to, one day, become a president.

A statement that didn’t invite personal opinions was infiltrated by trolls who left distasteful comments.

Is Miss SA being ‘Pearl Thusi’d by Twitter hate train?

An accumulation of these events supports the argument that Musida may be gathering steam as a hated celebrity on Twitter, much like actress Pearl Thusi who has had her fair share of rows on the polarising platform.

As if the body-shaming and snarky commentary around her affinity for bikinis in tropical conditions was not a step too far, the trolling Musida’s endured recently is enough proof to conclude that she does have a hate train.

But, has this bothered the 24-year-old? Well, her upcoming feature in Natasha Joubert’s Destiny Designed virtual fashion show speaks volumes on Musida’s focus — fewer trivialities, more money bags.