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NBC Live’s Jessica anchor loses it on live TV [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 10.06.2021

NBC Live’s Jessica is the internet’s new favourite meme.

Social media has been in stitches after video footage of an NBC Live sports anchor only known as Jessica went off on her colleague, not realising that she was live on a news broadcast syndicated nationally in Namibia.

What triggered Jessica?

The news clip has gone absolutely viral, sparking a new meme that promises to be around for quite some time. Jessica, the sports anchor, may have already been informed of her newfound online fame.

However, what exactly triggered this seemingly professional broadcaster to, in a fit of irritation, confront her colleague? The snippet is, unfortunately, all we have been able to work on, at this time.

The clip starts off with NBC Live’s main anchor closing up her headline summary report with a segue to Jessica’s segment of the broadcast. However, instead of granting the sports anchor the platform to follow through with her prepared script. the main anchor pivoted Jessica away from her story.

This, NBC Live’s newest social media celebrity, did not appreciate. Blinded by annoyance, Jessica went ahead and confronted her colleague for throwing her off-script.

Caught in utter awe, much like everyone Namibian who saw this bizarre event unfolding on their TV screens, the main anchor mustered up the will to remind Jessica that they were still live on air.

Realising this, a dead silence was heard in the NBC studio. The clip ends with the main anchor’s pale face hanging off her skull.

Here is the video clip that’s gone viral:

This was Jessica’s response after realising she had gone viral.