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Limpopo traffic officer assaults civilian on camera [video]

Posted by Avuya Walters

People are in an uproar over a video showing Limpopo traffic officer Given Mohlala in a scuffle with another man near a petrol station in Jane Purse.

Limpopo traffic officer caught on camera assaulting civilian

The context behind the altercation that saw Mohlala hand out multiple slaps to an unarmed man who could barely stand straight, is missing.

The video starts a second or two before the Limpopo traffic officer unleashes the first slap. He then shouts, “wan’tela,” a Sotho phrase that refers to an act of disrespect he may have received from the man.

It is not clear on what mandate Mohlala was operating under, but his conduct certainly was not by the book. In those seconds that ticked on, he felt nothing else but a roaring rage.

Mohlala pinned the man down and was about to contact someone on his phone before the video ended.

Watch the full video below:

Was Officer Given Mohlala within his rights to assault the civilian?

According to reports from various social media microbloggers, Mohlala is well-known in Limpopo. It’s said that the traffic officer is the nephew of a business tycoon, Mogwailane Kenneth Mohlala.

The video has since divided opinion on social media. Some were gobsmacked by the sight of a rogue officer assaulting an unarmed man who was clearly in no condition to defend himself.

On the contrary, others held the view that this was the perfect example to people who undermine the authority of law enforcement.

One user said:

“As a former traffic officer I applaud the officer’s behaviour, people are very much disrespectful and ignorant to traffic officials.”

At this time, no official statement has been released by the traffic department in Jane Purse. Thus, we are to assume that Mohlala is still wearing his badge and reporting for duty.