Krugersdorp parking lot brawl goes viral [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 19.11.2020

A single sock to the face was all it took to start this parking lot brawl that’s gone viral.

All-out brawls between two large groups have become somewhat of a trend in South Africa and the latest town to host this royal rumble was Krugersdorp, Gauteng.

All-out brawl puts Krugersdorp on the banter map

The West Rand town has been the subject of banter on social media after a video showing a large group of seemingly inebriated men fighting went viral.

The video was not accompanied by any context. Therefore, we aren’t able to verify the motive behind the brawl. Also, there have not been any updates on the condition of those who were injured in the incident.

All we know, at this stage, is that the incident took place outside a Hennies pub in Krugersdorp.

Whatever it was that prompted the all-out parking lot royal rumble must have been triggering.

From what we observed, things got heated between two men, one dressed in a red golfer and the other in black shorts and a white t-shirt.

The brawl could have been avoided. The confrontation could have ended with words and chests clashing. However, it all went south when the man in the red golfer swung his fist and punched one of the guys who was taunting him.

Before he knew it, the man in the red golfer was clobbered by at least four men. Even as he hit the ground, the group swarmed him with repeated punches.

Another man was also attacked by the group. The situation could have turned ugly but, thankfully, there were a few right-minded individuals who quickly de-escalated the situation.

Watch: A proudly South African parking lot brawl

The video ends shortly thereafter. As far as we understand, no arrests were made in the incident.

You can watch the full video below: