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Khusela Diko faces backlash for ‘pray for USA’ tweet

Andile Sicetsha - 07.01.2021

Khusela Diko ruffled feathers with her ‘pray for America’ tweet.

President spokesperson Khusela Diko has found herself on the receiving end of backlash for a tweet she posted about the ongoing unrest in the United States (US).

Khusela Diko faces backlash for ‘pray for US’ tweet

Social media, across the world, was rocked by shocking images of the riots that took place inside the US Capitol building in Washington DC, on Wednesday.

Scores of Donald Trump supporters were seen storming into the building where lawmakers were deciding on the validity of the electoral college vote that calls Joe Biden as the next US president.

An event that has not been witnessed before, perhaps in history, spurred conversation from observers on social media and Diko was one of them.

The disgraced spokesperson, who is facing an investigation into her husband’s shoddy procurement of a tender contract for personal protective equipment, posted, “Pray for America”, on Twitter.

Social media bites down on disgraced Diko

Immediately, Diko’s detractors flooded her mentions, remininding her of the irony in her tweet when she is meddled in a corruption scandal that may have affected the lives of South Africans.

Not helping the situation, Diko quoted her own tweet with a claim that she was being ‘sarcastic’ in praying for the US. Suffice it to say, this only made things worse.