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Two things Julius Malema hates – Bill Gates and white people

Andile Sicetsha - 14.01.2021

At the #EFFPresser, Malema laid the blame on South Africa’s battle with Covid-19 squarely on white people.

Julius Malema met all expectations when he ringed off about billionaire Bill Gates and white people in his first press conference of the year.

The EFF leader laid out the party’s agenda for 2021 which includes the massive plan to propose a merger of South Africa’s general and local government elections.

When the opportunity came, though, Malema wasted no time in dishing out the vitriol on President Cyril Ramaphosa, who he brandished as a ‘white’ apologist and spineless African leader.

Unhinged by the questions from journalists, Malema went into a rant about the global vaccine program and white people.

‘Ramaphosa must distance himself from Bill Gates’ – Julius Malema

The EFF leader questioned the involvement of billionaires in medical research. He warned Ramaphosa to decisively distance himself from all association with Bill Gates.

“Individuals such as Bill Gates only serve to further suspicion around critical medicine and vaccines, as profit-orientated individuals should have no place in matters of societal good such as medicine,” he exclaimed.

Enraged Malema places Covid-19 blame squarely on white people

An impassioned Malema also lambasted the South African government for its decision to close off 20 land borders to regular traffic. This, Ramaphosa explained on Monday, was a response to the increased levels of congestion that were witnessed over the festive season.

Malema was not convinced, however. The EFF president challenged the logic behind blocking land access to South Africa yet leaving air travel open for “the whites to access”.

“It’s an act of classism and racism,” Malema cried.

“The closing of borders within SADC has nothing to do with Corona but reveals a self-hate and desire to appear tough to European nations who have closed their ports of entry to us, yet they can come as they please into our country. ,” he said.

The party’s commander-in-chief hammered down on the assertion that Covid-19 was brought to South Africa by white people, via air travel. He becried the disadvantage placed on people who rely on land borders to travel in and out of the country, accusing Ramaphosa of pandering to whiteness.

At some point in his rant, the EFF leader even went as far as encouraging people to side with the colour of their skin in a fight between blacks and whites.

“It doesn’t matter what happened or who was wrong. You can find that out after the fact,” he urged.