Jack Grealish X-rated image leaks on social media [photo]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Jack Grealish has taken the knee against racial discrimination to an entirely new level. The Aston Villa playmaker found himself trending on social media for the dribbling he supposedly pulls off in the sheets.

Jack Grealish x-rated image leaks online

Details around how this image surfaced on social media are unclear, at this stage.

However, context matters none when a professional footballer is pictured in a gown, lying in bed next to a voluptuous woman with her breasts exposed.

PLEASE NOTE: The image embedded below contains sexual content. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.

The image has blown up on social media since it leaked and these are just some of the hilarious reactions.

Is Grealish in a relationship?

Villa’s no.10 is reportedly a bachelor. According to reports from All Football, the last known female to be acquainted with the 25-year-old was Jesse Lingard’s model ex-girlfriend Jena Fumes.

Although, rumours of the alleged romantic relationship between Grealish and Fumes were conjured from a since-deleted image the player posted on his Twitter page.

Apart from a Snapchat post of the Villa star uploaded by Fumes claiming, “ooh, I’m in love”, there is no further basis to support this claim.

It’s therefore presumed that the British player is single.