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Bey’s Ivy Park sold out in minutes and Twitter lost it

Andile Sicetsha - 18.11.2020

The Beyhive has been losing it over the instant sell-out of Queen Bey’s updated #IvyPark ‘Black Pack’.

Adidas servers have been throttled the whole day by the Beyhive cyber warring to snatch up what’s left of the new Ivy Park ‘Black Pack’.

Bey’s Ivy Park ‘Black Pack’ sells out in minutes

The collection keeps the design features of the Drip 2 range that dropped in late September. But this time, Beyonce Knowles-Carter added darker hues, ushering forth a powerful statement in black and tan colourways.

We’re sure Rich Mnisi, who was gifted with the first Drip 2 range was one of the crazed Beyonce fans who clogged up Adidas’ server for the new garms.

The Black Pack launched in the United States on Tuesday and today on Adidas’ online store only. The collection will be available at Adidas retail stores nationwide, from Thursday.

The race to get the new collection first caused a frenzy on social media. Users posted screenshots of their baskets and a cyber war ensued.

Twitter loses it: Reactions from the Beyhive

One user bragged about how she was fortunate enough to get the early release for the second time, right after she paid off her tuition for the semester.

Another, issued a stern warning to any Beyonce stan seen with the new Black Pack collection.

Where to buy Ivy Park ‘Black Pack’ in South Africa

With the Twitter meltdown we witnessed, one can only imagine the pandemonium that will set off at Adidas retail stores on Thursday.