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UK lauds Hugh Grant over criticism of ‘grafty’ Boris govt

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Hollywood A-lister Hugh Grant has won over the support of UK locals who revere him as the modern-day Winston Churchill for his unfiltered disdain for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the many allegations of corruption attached to his tenure.

Is the UK under state capture? – Hugh Grant thinks so

As reported by The Independent, the 60-year-old veteran actor ruffled feathers in British politics when he accused the Boris-led government of exploiting the pandemic “to enrich their friends and donors.”

Grant made these comments after a report was published linking a firm, Softcat Plc, to a number of dubious Covid-19 contracts to the tune of R332.4 million (£16.2 million).

Social media raves for Grant’s Boris comments

Grant’s great influence on social media gave these accusations against the government a lot of steam, drawing ire from anti-conservative supporters who made their voices heard.

A UK Cabinet spokesperson who spoke to the cited publication rubbished these claims, stating that due process was followed in awarding contracts to Softcat Plc.

“Non-Executive directors declare any relevant interest upon appointment, which are transparently published annually, and they follow the Code of Conduct for board members of public bodies. Their independent advice brings an external perspective to scrutinise the business of government and ensure value for taxpayers’ money,” they said.

These are some of the plaudits Grant received for shining a light on these shoddy shenanigans.